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Upholstery Cleaning Commercial & Residential

Atlanta's 1st Green carpet cleaning company


Upholstery Cleaning: $14 per linear ft.

Affordable, green upholstery cleaning services start with Dirt Blasters, a local leader in non-toxic cleaning. With Ken, you'll have access to the finest sofa, loveseat, chair, and even automotive upholstery services in the area. We use enzymes, citrus, vinegar, and plant-based cleaners with no dangerous dry cleaning solvents to clean furniture and upholstery, with both residential and commercial services available with flexible schedules and fair pricing.

Auto Upholstery Cleaning: SUV $159 &  Sedan $149

Most detailers and auto cleaning services lack the single most important tool for a clean car. It's a Truck mount hot water extractor which can cost up to $30,000. Dirt Blasters uses a truck-mounted steam cleaning machine to produce the necessary 212-degree hot water to sterilize, sanitize, and kill bacteria, allergens, and biological hazards. Ken has the equipment necessary to do the job right and leave your headliner, carpets, and seats looking and smelling great.


Other Services We Provide at DirtBlasters.com  Tile & Grout Cleaning:

 Since 1993 we have cleaned and sealed tile and grout ranging from major restaurant and fitness chains to common homes and apartments. We pressure scrub with special brushes and safe cleaners, thoroughly rinse and truck mount vacuum. At the last stage after speed drying all surfaces we are ready to seal both grout and tile.

Prices are depend on square footage and condition but as all of our carpet and upholstery services our Tile and Grout services are also fairly priced to fit your tight budgets. Owner personally works all jobs, no pushy middle men, sub-contractors or technicians.


Mattress Cleaning By DIRTBLASTERS.COM

Dirt Blasters Carpet Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning: 
Dirt Blasters has been in Atlanta performing Mattress cleaning. We can help clean from your mattress bed bugs, dust mites, blood, urine, odor and more. Using hot water at boiling point temperatures producing steam which destroys up to 99% of bacteria, germs, microorganisms, and biological waste. Our rates range according to size and type of mattress cleaning. On average larger mattress sizes can cost between $79.00 to $99.00. If you are looking for expert mattress cleaners in Atlanta, please call today. We also perform Atlanta crime scene carpet cleaning and restoration. Commercial & Residential call in line - 404-403-0045

Dust mites can pose huge problems for allergy sufferers or anyone concerned with cleanliness. Cleaning dirt, stains and overall staleness from a mattress can be both a simple and cheap project for the "Do it Your-selfer" with 3 simple steps.

Start off by simply removing and washing all bedding. I recommend the organic Dust mite and flea control products you can use in the laundry and mattress from AchooAllergy.com.

Tips to do it DIY for your mattress:

Use a hand held steam vapor tool and simply steam every square inch of material. Alternatively you may opt to use a non-toxic dust mite spray or powder as well. Either way you will be destroying most if not all dust mites and their eggs.

Organic bedding material, vapor steamers, mattress covers and most "Green" household allergy control tools and products I recommend you to visit here.

If you need to remove mattress odor on the cheap I recommend covering the mattress in baking soda and allowing it to dwell for 2 to 8 hours at which point vacuum thoroughly and you’re done.

Commercial & Residential call in line - 404-403-0045

Flood Damage Restoration

(Atlanta Flood Damage Restoration by Dirt Blasters) - DirtBlasters.com can affordably extract, dry and restore your flooded home or business. We use all of the commercially available advanced equipment to make it as quick and as painless as we can. Trust Dirt Blasters carpet cleaning to remove and reverse mold, mildew, odor, moisture and filth for a perfect job every time!

Commercial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning by DirtBlasters.com

DirtBlasters.com has enjoyed working for and handling the commercial Contracts for numerous small to large stores, offices, buildings, health fitness chains and more. We can also offer fully staffed janitorial services as well as handling everything from marble flooring to paper products.

We have been Atlanta commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning experts working through the night since 1993. If you are shopping for a commercial carpet cleaning service locally, look no further. We offer all systems of carpet cleaning, and our pricing will be adjusted to your budget. Commercial carpet cleaning is our specialty, and we are here 24/7 to discuss your commercial cleaning needs. 404-403-0045

Dirt Blasters Carpet Cleaning Atlanta GA